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  • Q Can Scaffolding Be Moved?

    A Standard scaffolding units cannot and should not be moved. However, if you do require a single scaffolding tower, but will need it in more than one location, then mobile scaffolding constructs are available. These will have castor wheels so that you can. 
  • Q Can Scaffolding Be Used On Uneven Ground?

    A In most cases, uneven ground does not cause a problem for scaffolding. The system can be designed in such a way using precise measurements to ensure that the top of the scaffolding unit and the surfaces on which people stand or place their equipment are completely level and safe. Pole lengths can vary, and specialist constructions can be made that will help to ensure that this is the case for your construction. 
  • Q Should A Scaffolding Company Be Insured?

    A When choosing a scaffolding company, you will want to be certain that they are legitimate and professional. Any scaffolding construction needs to be completed by professionals with experience and any relevant trainingtrai.  
  • Q Do I Need A Scaffolding Permit?

    A A scaffolding permit is required where the scaffolding unit will be erected on or over a public highway. This includes pavements and footpaths. Certain dispensation may have to be made, such as agreeing work during quiet. 
  • Q How can I prevent falls while putting up scaffolding?

    A You can prevent falls during the erection of scaffolding by using an advanced guard rail system. Where this is not practicable, workers should wear harnesses to arrest their fall.Find out more on the Assessing all work at height page on this site Preventing falls in scaffolding and falsework: Order from National Access and Scaffolding Confederation link to external website. 
  • Q What qualifications do I need to put up scaffolding?

    A Scaffolds should be designed, erected, altered and dismantled only by competent people and the work should always be carried out under the direction of a competent supervisor. This is a requirement of the Work at Height Regulations 2005.
  • Q Must I use a tag system on a scaffold?

    A Although tag systems are not a legal requirement, the law does require inspection of scaffolding from which a person might fall 2 metres or more and the issue of a report by a competent person, on completion and at least weekly thereafter. A risk assessment may find the need for more frequent inspection of scaffolding.
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