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British Clamp Pressed Scaffolding Coupler Ladder Clamp

Weight: 0.46kg/pc

Surface Treatment: Electro-Galvanized

Color: Colorful

Material: Carbon Steel Q235

Marking: Customized according to your requirements

Standard: EN74-1:2005 Class B, BS1139

  • Ladder Clamp
  • EK
  • EK-Ladder Clamp-1
  • 48.3mm
  • Q235 
  • Zinc-Plated 
  • 0.46kg

Product Advantage

A. High quality materials, higher quality.

    Material--The product material is Q235 carbon steel which is higher than the standard as the raw material.
    Quality assurance, more resistance to falls, improve the efficiency of scaffolding removal, saving time.

B. Advanced technology, better performance

    Products using advanced technology, avoid the production malpractice of old craft, causes the product the anti-deformation and the anti-stretching performance to be stronger, more fits the scaffolding, more firm, not easy to slide.

C. Anti-rust treatment, longer service life.

   After passivation and surface galvanized anti-rust treatment, it is corrosion resistance is better than the ordinary coupler, longer service life.

D. Standard production, more secure.

    According to the professional design and advanced technology, all products are manufactured in strict accordance with EN74 and BS1139 standards, quality guarantee, ensure construction safety and personnel safety.

                                        Product Show 

Ladder Clamp 07

Ladder Clamp 08

Ladder Clamp 09

Ladder Clamp 10

Ladder Clamp 11

Ladder Clamp 12

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