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Leading Supplier of Ringlock And Cuplock Scaffolding System

EK is the outstanding China scaffolding supplier of ringlock and cuplock scaffolding components, which are worldwide the most frequently used system scaffolding. With strict quality control, full range of ringlock components sizes and accessories are available to meet the needs of every projects and application. All components of ringlock scaffolding system are manufactured to high quality standards using high grade galvanized steel, such as 48.3x3.2mm with spigot, 48.3x3.0mm with ledger, 48.3x2.5mm with diagonal brace. All products are pre-engineered with high strength integrated connections which simplify assembly and reduces labor.
Cuplock Scaffolding System is another favorable one, which has quick locking and fastening devices that simplify the construction process. Spigot, ledger and transom are its main types. All of these are good ways to optimized the work efficiency of construction projects and improve safety index. EK Cuplock Scaffolding System is used for support and access structures in construction industry, offshore construction, industrial maintenance and ship building.

What is ringlock and cuplock scaffolding

 Ringlock Scaffolding

Ringlock Scaffolding System

As a modular scaffolding system, ringlock scaffolding is extremely
versatile, highly economical, more convenient and faster to use.

Ringlock Scaffolding Parts

Ringlock scaffolding parts are the connection that transmits forces
throughout the scaffold structure.

Cuplock Scaffolding

Cuplock Scaffolding System, is a scaffold system that uses the "Cup" and "Blade" to lock the vertical/standard and horizontal/ledger together, and lock the blades by twisting the cup. This Cuplock Scaffold System uses no nut, bolt or wedge. Cuplock’s Scaffolding System node-point is revolutionary, and makes it faster and easier than any other scaffolding system.
Cuplock Scaffolding System Parts
EK Scaffolding Supplier provides a high quality range of Cuplock to customers with needs. Entire cuplock scaffolding system types are perfectly manufactured using high grade raw materials, in compliance with the international quality standards. Moreover, we as advanced cuplock scaffolding system supplier in China can provide a variety of specifications for these products, in order to meet different requirements of customers. Our product range includes Cuplock Vertical/Standard, Cuplock Ledger/Horizontal, Cuplock Transom, Cuplock Hop-Up Bracket and Cuplock accessories etc.

Ringlock And Cuplock Scaffolding Video

Standard Ringlock Scaffolding could be welded automatically.
Cuplock Scaffolding is fast and durable to use.

Ringlock Scaffolding System Application

Ringlock Scaffolding System for Construction

Ringlock scaffolding system is widely used in general tunnel and other bridge projects, viaducts engineering, plant buildings, elevated water towers, power plants, oil refineries, etc. as well as support design of special workshops, also suitable for overpasses, spans shacks, storage shelves, chimneys, water towers and interior and exterior decoration , Large-scale concert stage, background stand, grandstand, grandstand, modeling stand, staircase system, stage erection of evening party, grandstand of sports games, etc.

Ringlock Scaffolding System for Building

Fewer structures, convenient construction and disassembly, basic structure and special components, which can make the ringlock scaffolding system suitable for various structural buildings; it is composed of three types of members: Standards, Ledgers and Diagonals. These members are all made in the factory. First, this scaffolding design minimizes the problem of easy loss and damage of traditional scaffolding moving parts, and reduces the economic loss of the construction unit. Second, it does not have any movable ringlocking scaffold components, which prevents the traditional hidden danger caused by movable locking parts of scaffolding.
Better comprehensive benefits. Component series are standardized for easy transportation and management. No scattered and easily lost components, low loss, and low investment.

Features of Ringlock Scaffolding Design

 Ringlock scaffolding is self-locking mechanism with independent wedge insertion. Due to interlocking and gravity, the scaffolding ledger cannot be pulled out even if the wedge is not tightened.

 The ledger has a self-locking function, which can be locked or removed by pressing the wedge, and the contact surface between the rosette and the cast end is large, thereby improving the bending strength of the steel pipe, and ensuring that the standard does not skew.

 The vertical cross axis between Ringlock scaffolding standard and ledger is high in accuracy, and the stress property is reasonable. Therefore, the bearing capacity and overall rigidity are large, and the structure stability is strong. Each Standards can carry 3-4 tons.

 The number of Diagonals is much less than traditional scaffolding.
China scaffolding supplier EK comply with European, USA, Australian and others standards. Lab test will be done by third-party company (SGS, TUV…) as customers’ requirements.
Ringlock Scaffolding Standard – with Spigot
Steel Tubes 48.3x3.2mm
Code Length Weight
EK-RLS001 0.5M 1’8” 3.1KG 6.8LBS
EK-RLS002 1.0M 3’3” 5.4KG 11.8LBS
EK-RLS003 1.5M 4’11” 7.7KG 16.9LBS
EK-RLS004 2.0M 6’7” 10.0KG 22.0LBS
EK-RLS005 2.5M 8’2” 11.8KG 25.9LBS
EK-RLS006 3.0M 9’10” 14.5KG 32.1LBS
Ringlock Scaffolding Ledger
Steel Tubes 48.3x3.0mm
Code Length Weight
EK-RLL001 0.65M 2’2” 2.9KG 6.4LBS
EK-RLL002 1.07M 3’6” 4.4KG 9.6LBS
EK-RLL003 1.57M 5’2” 6.1KG 13.4LBS
EK-RLL004 2.13M 7’ 8.0KG 17.7LBS
EK-RLL005 2.44M 8’ 9.1KG 20.0LBS
EK-RLL006 3.05M 10’ 11.2KG 24.7LBS
Ringlock Scaffolding Diagonal Brace
Steel Tubes 48.3*2.5mm
Code Width Height Length Weight
EK-RLB001 0.65M 2.0M 2.11M 7.8KG 17.1LBS
EK-RLB002 1.07M 2.0M 2.27M 8.2KG 18.2LBS
EK-RLB003 1.57M 2.0M 2.55M 9.1KG 20.0LBS
EK-RLB004 2.13M 2.0M 2.93M 10.2KG 22.4LBS
EK-RLB005 2.44M 2.0M 3.15M 10.8KG 23.8LBS
EK-RLB006 3.05M 2.0M 3.65M 12.3KG 27.0LBS

Why Choose Cuplock?

 Cuplock Scaffolding System joint structure is reasonable, simple production process, easy operation, wide range of use, compared with traditional scaffolding, Cuplock Scaffolding System has the following remarkable features:
Cuplock Features Details
Easy to Stand No nut and bolt or wedge, just lock the blade into cup at
each node on the standard.
Sample Fast and simple to erect with only four component
Light Weight Manufactured using 3.2mm thickness high grade steel,
Cuplock Scaffolding System is 20% lighter than standard
4mm thickness scaffolding tube.
Economical Cuplock Scaffolding System with only three maincomponents.
Fast 30%-50% faster than traditional scaffolding.
Durable Hot-Dip-Galvanized provides a low maintenance, long life.
Versatile With 500mm cup intervals on the verticals, Cuplock
Scaffolding System is extremely versatile Facade, Shoring
Structures, Circular, Birdcages, Staircases, Mobile Towers
and etc.


0.6m to 3.0m bays using boards or battens.

Cup-Locking Procedure:

Here below are pictures showing how to install the Cuplock Scaffolding System:
1、Locate the ledger blade into the bottom cup
2、Slide the top cup down the standard and rotate
3、Tighten with a hammer blow 
4、A cuplock’s node-point completed

Core Cuplock Scaffolding System And Parts

Core Cuplock Scaffolding Systems Parts manufactured by EK scaffolding are as follow:

Spigoted Standard / Vertical

These standards are used in conjunction with integral spigots, 150mm long, are provided at the top of each for making vertical connections. The spigots are drilled to receive locking pins, when it is necessary to resist minor tensile forces between standard members 

Cuplock Spigoted Standard / Vertical
Steel Tube: 48.3*3.2mm
Code Length Weight
EK-CLS001 0.5 M 1’8” 3.40 KG 7.50 LBS
EK-CLS002 1.0 M 3’3” 6.10 KG 13.45 LBS
EK-CLS003 1.5 M 4’11” 8.72 KG 19.22 LBS
EK-CLS004 2.0 M 6’6” 11.34 KG 25.00 LBS
EK-CLS005 2.5 M 8’2” 13.95 KG 30.75 LBS
EK-CLS006 3.0 M 9’10” 16.57 KG 36.53 LBS
Specifications can be customized according to requirements.

Spigotless Standard / Vertical

These standards have no spigot, this combination of components will cater for all extended soffit heights, but for lower heights just spigotless design allows the insertion of jacks with various head components to meet the requirements of differing support applications such as aluminum beam support or decking systems.
Cuplock Spigotless Standard / Vertical
Steel Tube: 48.3*3.2mm
Code Length Weight
EK-CLS007 0.8 M 2’7” 4.56 KG 10.05 LBS
EK-CLS008 1.3 M 4’3” 7.18 KG 15.83 LBS
EK-CLS009 1.8 M 6’ 9.79 KG 21.58 LBS
EK-CLS010 2.3 M 7’6” 12.41 KG 27.36 LBS
Specifications can be customized according to requirements.

Cuplock Ledger / Horizontal

Cuplock Ledgers are manufactured from 48.3*3.0mm scaffolding tube with forged steel blade ends which locate into bottom cups of the standards and are locked in place by the corresponding top cups. Ledgers are available in various lengths to provide the desired grid specification for scaffolding or formwork.
Cuplock Ledger / Horizontal
Steel Tube: 48.3*3.0mm
Code Length Weight
EK-CLL001 0.6 M 2’ 2.35 KG 5.18 LBS
EK-CLL002 1.0 M 3’3” 3.75 KG 8.27 LBS
EK-CLL003 1.5 M 4’11” 5.47 KG 12.06 LBS
EK-CLL004 2.0 M 6’6” 7.21 KG 15.90 LBS
EK-CLL005 2.5 M 8’2” 8.93 KG 19.69 LBS
Specifications can be customized according to requirements.

Cuplock Transom

Cuplock transoms are manufactured from 48.3*3.2mm scaffolding tube and designed to provide intermediate support for standard scaffold walk boards by spanning between the inner and outer ledgers.

Cuplock Transom
Steel Tube: 48.3*3.2mm
Code Length Weight
EK-CLT001 0.56 M 1’10’’ 3.79 KG 8.36 LBS
EK-CLT002 0.80 M 2’7” 4.67 KG 10.30 LBS
EK-CLT003 1.30 M 4’3” 6.50 KG 14.33 LBS
EK-CLT004 1.80 M 6’ 8.33 KG 18.36 LBS
Specifications can be customized according to requirements.

Cuplock Brace / Diagonal

Cuplock braces are manufactured from 48.3*3.2mm scaffolding tube and each brace has two swivel blade ends. Their function is to provide transverse and longitudinal bracing to scaffold structures.
Cuplock Brace / Diagonal
Steel Tube: 48.3*3.2mm
Code Length Weight
EK-CLB001 1.5*1.8M
4’11’’*6’ 8.70 KG 19.18 LBS
EK-CLB002 1.8*2.0M
6’*6’6’’ 9.80 KG 21.60LBS
EK-CLB003 1.5*2.5M
4’11”*8’2’’ 10.70 KG 23.59 LBS
EK-CLB004 2.0*2.5M
11.50 KG 25.35 LBS
EK-CLB005 2.0*3.0M
6’6’’*9’10’’ 13.00 KG 28.66 LBS
Specifications can be customized according to requirements.

Ringlock Caffolding Catalogue

Here is catalogue of EK ringlock scaffolding system. You can see all our diagonal brace, ledger and standard products here.

If you feel that ringlock scaffold catalogue cannot satisfy you, we also have files to download.

Projects of Cuplock Scaffolding System

The versatility and wide range of cuplock makes it an ideal system for almost any situation. From the simple residential building project to the most complex
access and support structures, it can follow curves and complex contours and is also suitable for many industrial maintenance situations.

Cuplock for Curved Structures

Cuplock Scaffolding System is ability to allow ledgers / horizontals to lock into the standards / verticals from any angle. Because of variable Cuplock Scaffolding System sizes curved structures using can be easily and well realized.

Cuplock for Support Structures

Cuplock Scaffolding System is widely used to create scaffolding support structures. Outrigger load carrying capacity of this cuplock system is very high. And the range of components allows the system to respond virtually and support applications.

Cuplock for Staircase Towers

The Cuplock Staircase tower incorporates special  staircase components in the traditional Cuplock tower to create a safe, user-friendly access solution and is quick and easy to install.


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