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EK Scaffolding Manufacturer focus on supplying outstanding scaffolding products to all clients. With research and development in scaffolding coupler and formwork systems 5000 to 6000 containers of EK scaffolding products yearly are shipped from China to overseas.​​​​​​​
We can supply a full range of scaffolding products: Scaffolding Couplers, Cuplock Scaffolding, Ringlock Scaffolding, Base Jack, Aluminium Scaffolding, Steel Prop, Frame System, Plank Scaffolding, etc.

To provide our customers high quality products and services.
Exceed our customers' expectations in terms of pricing, quality and on-time delivery.

Scaffolding Types

EK Scaffolding Manufacturer can supply a full range of scaffolding products: Scaffolding Couplers, Cuplock Scaffolding, Ringlock Scaffolding, Base Jack, Aluminium Scaffolding, Steel Prop, Frame System, Plank Scaffolding, etc.

EK Scaffolding Manufacturing Process

EK scaffolding already has many partners in the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia, India, and the Middle East. In the future, we hope to have more partners from all over the world come to our company, visit our factory, and reach cooperation with us.

EK Leading Scaffolding Products 

Scaffolding manufacturer is the eternal term of EK, EK is committed to providing high-quality scaffolding products and efficient services. EK supply a full range of scaffolding products: Scaffolding Couplers, System Scaffolding, Post Shore, Aluminium Scaffolding, Plank Scaffolding, Screw Jack, Frame System, Formwork, Accessories and Hand Tools in scaffolding.
  • EK has multiple production lines to ensure timely delivery of orders
  • As China's leading scaffolding manufacturer,EK can meet the demand for high-quality scaffolding products
  • Fourteen years of scaffolding manufacturer experience enables EK to provide customers with reliable, efficient and accurate services


Forged Swivel Coupler
Cuplock Scaffolding
code a weld
code a weld

EK Scaffolding Solutions 

As a scaffolding manufacturer for 14 years of experiences, our products are spread across various industries, construction engineering, aircraft engineering, marine engineering and tunnel engineering, etc.

Why Choose EK Scaffolding Manufacturer

Advanced Technology, Better Performance.

Scaffolding parts using scaffold system technology, avoid the scaffold production malpractice of old craft, causes the product's anti-deformation and anti-stretching performance to be stronger, more fits the scaffolding, more firm, not easy to slide.​​​​​​​

Standard Production, More Secure.

According to technical scaffolding design and advanced technology from EK China scaffolding supplier, all scaffolding products are manufacturered in strict accordance with EN74 and BS1139 standards, quality guarantee, ensure construction and personeel safety.

Quality Control, Customers Assured.

The EK professional quality inspection team will carry out strict quality inspection in fixed scaffolding coupler production process and before delivery to ensure that the product quality meets customer requirements.

Fast Delivery, Gain Time.

QC team is responsible for all types coupler scaffolding production progress of each order, and we strive to deliver in advance while meeting the customer's delivery deadline, this also prompted us to have an average monthly shipment of 35-45 containers.

Support Small Quantity.

Compared to other competitors in the same scaffolding parts industry, the minimum order quantity is one container, this China scaffolding supplier support customer's temporary small purchase demand. So there is no limits of MOQ. That is to say, any quantities is available.

Full Service, Timely and Effective.

Full-day professional customer service, provide pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales service to meet customer requirements. Any question, please feel free to contact them.

EK Scaffolding News

EK Scaffolding Factory 3rd Anniversary And New Factory Inauguration Ceremony

In 2012, EK Scaffolding was founded to engage in Scaffolding & Formwork industry. Supplying scaffolding coupler, basejack, steel prop, aluminum beam, formwork and other products. In 2021, We opened a factory and started producing Scaffolding & Formwork products. Last year, we started building a new

EK Scaffolding Factory Completion And 12th Anniversary Celebration

On March 6, 2024, EK Scaffolding celebrated its 12th birthday, and the inauguration ceremony of our own factory was also held as scheduled.

How To Make A Standard Scaffolding Plank?

Scaffolding planks are typically made from high-quality European whitewood timber, which is more durable and long-lasting while remaining strong and more resistant to external damage. Although wood is the most commonly used material for scaffolding planks in the UK, there are a variety of alternative materials that are more suitable for specific purposes. If you choose wood as the main material for your scaffolding plank, then be sure to wear a mask during construction as the chemicals used to treat the wood and make it more durable are toxic to humans.

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