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Construction Engineering

In construction engineering scaffolding system products play no doubtly a very important role. As a company that has been immersed in the scaffolding industry for nearly a decade, the scaffolding products of EK Metalwork is well-known overseas and widely acclaimed.

Through the combination of various types of scaffolding couplers, steel pipes and planks of EK Metalwork, the safety and efficiency of building construction are greatly increased while reducing the procurement cost of customers.

In addition, the various scaffolding systems of EK Metalwork is also very reliable. Ringlock system, Cuplock system, Kwikstage system, and many other systems for the customer to choose. While meeting the diverse architectural needs of our customers, customers have significantly reduced labor costs. Product performance is reliable, escorting the safety of every worker.

EK Metalwork, don't forget the heart, remember the mission. While continuously expanding the scope of product management, we also concentrate on solving problems for each customer.

The development of the country is inseparable from the construction of infrastructure. With the support of EK Metalwork, many high-rise buildings are emerging all over the world. But we will not be satisfied with this, our goal is: scaffold the universe.

Offshore Petroleum Engineering

EK scaffolding products are equally significant to the petrochemical engineering.
The scaffolding system required by the petrochemical industry has always been one of the advantage products of EK Metalwork, such as Cuplock System, Ringlock System and etc. In addition, EK's business scope also includes scaffolding couplers, steel pipes, planks, scaffolding accessories, and other products.

The petrochemical industry is a dangerous goods industry with extremely high requirements for the scaffolding system used. It is not only a requirement for product quality, but also for product design and performance. The scaffolding system required by the petrochemical industry must comply with domestic and international safety standards and can not produce any safety accidents in high-altitude operations.

Excellent product design and product quality, corrosion resistance, safety and reliability, easy to move, and product compliance with domestic and international safety standards for construction are important reasons for the extensive use of EK scaffolding products in petrochemical engineering.

EK develops for fourteen years and constantly breaks through itself.
With quality products and good service, we will let EK products appear in every corner of the world in the future.

Shipbuilding Engineering

EK Scaffolding products are widely used in Shipbuilding engineering. In the process of ship construction and maintenance, all kinds of EK scaffolding system can be well adapted to the requirements of different ships.

As a working platform for workers in the process of ship maintenance or construction, EK scaffolding system can not only ensure the safety and reliability of use but also ensure the convenience and flexibility of installation and disassembly. At the same time, it can also meet the requirements of ship linearity and structure.

Therefore, the application of EK scaffolding products in ships has the following five characteristics:
1. Ensure personal safety
2. Guarantee construction quality
3. Speed up the construction schedule
4. Ensure the continuity of construction procedures
5. Cheaper labor and material cost

Nowadays, EK continues to expand its product range to meet the needs of different customers.Existing business scope includes Ringlock, Cuplock, Kwikstage, Frame, Steel supports, Scaffolding Couplers, Steel planks, Steel pipes, and other scaffolding products.
We hope that with excellent product quality of EK, every ship can safely sail to its destination.

Tunnel Engineering

EK scaffolding is also widely used in the bridge and tunnel engineering.
Because bridge and tunnel engineering is usually difficult and has a long construction period, the performance and quality of scaffolding products is usually highly valued.
As one of the best-selling products of EK, EK scaffolding systems such as Ringlock, Cuplock and etc. has been well received in the industry and has been widely used in the construction of bridge-tunnels. EK scaffolding systems features high safety, easy disassembly, and corrosion resistance.

Nowadays, increasingly congested urban traffic has brought a lot of inconvenience to people's travel. But relying on EK high-quality scaffolding products, many bridges and tunnels have sprung up. While greatly alleviating the traffic congestion situation, it also shows the strength of EK is strong enough.

We believe that because of our continuous adherence and improvement of product quality, we have the EK scaffolding products exported to countries around the world. But we will not be satisfied, after all, our goal is: scaffold the universe.

Aircraft Engineering

Ensuring the safety of passengers is the most important responsibility and concern of the aviation industry. Therefore, frequent maintenance, inspections, and repairs of aircraft are required. Scaffolding products such as aluminum tripods, aluminum towers, aluminum beams, and aluminum ladders are often used in aircraft maintenance and repair work.

EK scaffolding is suitable for regular maintenance or repair of aircraft nose, fuselage, wing, passenger cabin, and other components, such as painting, cleaning, mechanical and electrical system overhaul, modification, disassembly, and replacement of components.

EK aluminum scaffolding has the characteristics of lightness, quick assembly, safety and durability, and high-cost performance.

Our dealers have cooperated with aircraft maintenance companies many times and gave us the best feedback.

Widely used in hangars, airports, aircraft maintenance, ultra-high-altitude operating environments, and even interior decoration
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