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Leading Supplier of Scaffolding Coupler

Scaffold couplers, which are used to connect steel pipes when building scaffolds, and connectors between steel pipes and other structures, are widely used in various types of scaffolding projects. There are usually European standards and Japanese standards.  EK as China leading scaffolding coupler supplier, focus on introducing European standard scaffold fasteners to meet the use of the following countries, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

Scaffolding Couplers Types

Right Angle Coupler
Swivel Coupler
Parallel Coupler
Sleeve Coupler

According to different sizes

48.3*48.3 88.3*60.3 48.3*72.0 48.3*76.0 48.3*89.0 48.3*42.0
According to the design style of different countries,British type, American type, German type, Italian type, Japanese, Korean type, etc.
British type:
American type:
German type:
Italian type:
Japanese, Korean type
According to the different production processes, it is mainly divided into forged coupler and pressed coupler, and a small amount of cast couplers.
Forged scaffolding couplers:
Pressed couplers:
Casting couplers:

Aluminum Scaffold Couplers Video

EK Scaffolding, as scaffold coupler in China, has advanced production equipment for forged couplers and pressed couplers,
All forged scaffolding coulpers use high-frequency electric furnace to heat different specifications of structural steel to 950-1050 austenite state, after 4000KN one-time forging can improver its organizational structure and mechanical properties, thereby improving the plasticity and mechanical properties of the product.

Aluminum Scaffolding Coupler Brochure

Here is brochure of EK scaffolding coupler products. You can see casting and special shaped coupler, pressed coupler, sleeve scaffold coupler and other realeted scaffold products from this brochure.

Why choose EK Scaffolding Couplers

EK Scaffolding company is a China scaffolding manufacturer that started with  couplers. We have 14 years experience in this scaffold industry. Values of EK Scaffolding are professional service, quality assurance and fast delivery.
scaffolding coupler supplier in China
world's top coupler brand
World's top OEM coupler factory brand,  forge and press scaffold coupler all international types
Large delivery
Over 60 containers per month, port of destination customs clearane, home delivery.
Efficient and convenient
L/C, T/T, D/P, forward payment, By Sea, by rail, road transport, Efficient and convenient.
high-grade accessories
All EK scaffold coupler use high-grade accessories, 8.8-grade high-strength screw.

FAQ Of Scaffolding Coupler Products

  • What is the delivery time?

    It depends on order quantity. Generally, the delivery time will be within 5 to 10 days.
  • How can we ensure the quality ?

    1) Only qualified raw material with certification is acceptable.
    2) Quality check is operated by hand.
    3) Free scaffolding samples are always available.
    4) Once quality problems occur, just sent us pics for confirmation, once confirmed, money or goods will be given as compensation.
  • What kind of international Certificate do you have?

    SGS Test Report.
    TUV Test Report
  • How about the price?

    Really competitive ! EK Scaffolding are near the origin of steel and we have big order amount, so we get relatively cheaper price of steel raw material. Low labor cost and near Shanghai sea port are also our advantages. And the most of all, "less profit but big turnover " is our perpetual business principle to be best China scaffolding coupler supplier. 

  • Can your company supply products fully according to customers’ requirements?

    EK has a full set of coupler mold design and scaffolding production equipment. As leading scaffolding supplier we have a strong technician team to support. Upon receiving the drawings provided by customers, we will discuss with our technicians to study of new moulds feasibilities of production facilities. If the quantity is considerable, we can fully meet customers’ specifications.
  • What is the quality of your products?

    1.EK strictly follows the stipulations set by EN74/BS1139/EN1065/AS1576 standard.

    2.EK Scaffolding has one whole set of quality inspection system starting from the entrance of raw materials and dispatch of finished materials.

  • What's your MOQ(minimum order quantity)?

    No minimum order quantity, multiple production lines are produced at intervals, available at any time.


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