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Difference Between EN39 and EN74 Standard Scaffolding Steel Pipe

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Both EN39 and EN74 are standards for the production of scaffolding steel pipes in European countries. The scaffolding steel pipe is mainly used as a bracket for the coupler-type steel pipe scaffold, which is formed by rolling the hot-rolled strip through the process. The common length is 6 meters and the diameter is 48.3 mm.

The EN39 standard is a European standard, numbered EN39:2001. The standard requires that the scaffolding steel tube be made of low carbon structural steel or alloy steel. The thickness of the steel tube is 3.2 mm and accepts a deviation of plus or minus 10%. The material requirements are similar to those of the Chinese QA235B.

Meanwhile,the EN74 standard is also a European standard, numbered EN74:2005. The steel pipe material required by the standard is the same as the EN39 standard. The steel pipe thickness is required to be 4.0 mm and accepts a deviation of plus or minus 10%. The surface is treated with hot-dip galvanizing.


The use of scaffolding tubes to build scaffolding has the following characteristics:

One: The bearing capacity is large. However, when the geometrical dimensions and construction of the scaffold meet the relevant requirements of the specification, under normal circumstances, the bearing capacity of the single-column column of the scaffold can reach 15KN~35KN (1.5tf~3.5tf, design value)

Second: easy to install and disassemble, flexible design. Since the length of the steel pipe is easy to adjust and the fasteners are easily connected, it can be used for scaffolding for buildings and structures of various planes and facades.

Three: more economic.

The scaffolding steel pipes of EN39 standard and EN74 standard are one of the hot-selling products of EK, which are affordable and prompt delivery.

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