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Aluminum Scaffold Plank Scaffolding Metal Decks And Walk Boards For Sale


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Aluminum Scaffolding Walk Board Plank 
1) Material: Aluminum 
2) Surface Treatment: Anodized 
3) Aluminum Scaffold Type: Full Aluminum Hook Planks, Plywood Aluminum Frame Plank, Alu Trapdoor Planks 
4) Width: 19", 24" or per design 
5) Length: 5', 7', 8', 10', etc 
6) Characteristics: Light and Strong, Anti-Slip, Easy to erect and dismantle,etc 
7) Usage: As working platform used for Frame, Ladder, all type systems-Ringlock, Cuplock, etc.
  • Aluminum Scaffolding Plank

  • EK

  • 730890000

  • No

  • Aluminium Alloy 

  • Anodized 

  • It depends on the different designs

Aluminum Scaffolding Plank Walk Board

Product Description

EK Scaffolding Company provides Full Aluminium Scaffold Planks, Plywood Surface with Aluminium Frame Planks and Platformwork with Ladders. It is components of Access Scaffold Tower, Construction Building Scaffolding Work Platform and Stair Scaffold System.

Size of Aluminium Planks cove  19 Inch and 24 Inch width. Lengths are customized according to System Scaffold Horizontal Sizes.

Aluminium Planks are compatible with all types of system scaffold include Ringlock(Pin Lock) Scaffolding, Cuplock Scaffolding, Kwiktage Scaffolding, Scaffolding Frames of Mason Frame, Walk Through Frame, Snap on Frame etc.

Aluminium Planks are Integrated with all components and parts, which is easy erection and dismantle, light, safety and saving time at Construction Site. 

1) Full Aluminum Plank with Hook

Description Size Weight (KG)
5' Aluminum Planks 19" x 5' 11.35
7' Aluminum Planks 19" x 7' 13.62
8'Aluminum Planks 19" x 8' 15.89
10'Aluminum Planks 19" x 10' 17.70

Aluminum Plank 3_1

2) Aluminium Planks with Plywood Platform

Description Size Weight (KG)
7'Aluminium Plywood Walk Board 19" x 7' 15.90
10'Aluminium Plywood Walk Board 19" x 10' 23.16

EK-2989_Alu Plank  

3) Aluminium Planks Integrated with Trapdoor Open Window and Single Ladder

Description Size Weight (KG)
Trapdoor Scaffold Platform 1.07m 24"x1.07m 11.0
Trapdoor Scaffold Platform 1.57m 24"x1.57m 15.0
Trapdoor Scaffold Platform 2.07m 24"x2.07m 19.0
Trapdoor Scaffold Platform 2.57m 24"x2.57m 23.0
Trapdoor Scaffold Platform 3.07m 24"x3.07m 27.0




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