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Swivel Scaffolding Jack Base


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Scaffolding Swviel Base Jack

1) Material: Q235
2) Tube Size: OD38
3) Tube Thickness: 4mm
4) Jack Length: 400-1000mm
5) Base Plate: 150x150x3-8mm
6) Surface Treatment: Galvanized
7) Standard: BS1139, EN74

Swivel-Base-Jack-400-400Swivel-Base-Jack-400-400 (1)Swivel-Base-Jack-400-400 (2)Swivel-Base-Jack-400-400 (3)

1.Product Description


Adjustable Scaffolding Swivel Hollow Screw Jack Base

Jack Length

300mm, 400mm, 600mm, 914mm, 1524mm or Customized

Jack Specifications

38mm*4mm or Customized

Base Specifications

150mm*150mm*5mm or Customized

Main Material

Q235 or Q345

Surface treatment

Painted, galvanized, HDG, powder coated 


Competitive price, High-quality products, 24-hour   after-sales service






L/C, T/T, 30% in advance


Steel Pallet Or Customized


2.Product Advantage

A. High quality materials, higher quality.
    Material--The product material is Q235 or Q345 carbon steel which is higher than the standard as the raw material.
    Quality assurance, not easy to crush deformation.


B. Advanced technology, better performance
    Products using advanced technology, avoid the production malpractice of old craft, causes the product the anti-deformation and the anti-stretching performance to be stronger, more fits the scaffolding.

C. Anti-rust treatment, longer service life.
   After passivation and surface galvanized anti-rust treatment, it is corrosion resistance is better than the ordinary tubes, longer service life.

D. Standard production, more secure.
    According to the professional design and advanced technology, all products are manufactured in strict accordance with EN74 and BS1139 standards, quality guarantee, ensure construction safety and personnel safety.


3.How is base jack used in Scaffolding?

    The base jack levels the scaffold tower when the tower legs are placed on surfaces of different elevations. It ensures all the legs will have (appx) equal bearing on the substrate(s) the tower rests upon.

Unless the jack is placed on something solid, it will need dunnage underneath it to properly transfer the leg load into the soil.

    It is also used to ‘fine tune’ the height of the tower itself, so that height adjustments of up to around 12″ can be achieved.

    Essentially, a base jack is a load bearing base and is used to hold standards/uprights (the vertical tubes) in place and help transfer the weight of the structure to the ground. The base jack is used to help spread the load and has a shank in the center to hold the tube in place. To eliminate sway, a facade brace is fitted to the face of the scaffold every 30 meters. The spacing of the upright scaffolding and base jacks is usually around every 2.1m but this can be reduced to 2m or 1.8m depending on the weight of the structure.



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